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8 March 2020: Before

[Originally posted on Facebook]

I thought I would weigh in on COVID-19 since I live with an infectious disease expert. Here's your checklist:

1) Watch J on local TV—

She is now under a gag order, a literal "cease and desist" from the govt for all Fed scientists prohibiting them from talking to the press. This came after J and others when they were being interviewed when the virus story broke in January (J has a BBC and other interviews out there too, before it all got shut off). When you see scientists or physicians in the news, they are experts, just not paid by the US govt.

2) Yes, the virus came from wild animals, namely bats consumed in China. People all over the world still eat wild animals, and if they carry virus that humans can contract (c.f., AIDS from eating chimps), well, here we are. Stop eating wildlife world. You are making our jobs harder.

3) Watch John Oliver's take on it all. Except for where he wrongly says the eating of bats is not a thing, because recall that it is, he has the right attitude.

4) The concept of not spreading a disease is exactly what people are doing now that makes it seem "excessive." If we stop gathering and coughing on each other, it slows the spread (doesn't stop it), and allows the medical system to catch up so they don't have thousands of sick to triage at one time. High fever and short of breath? Get seen. Otherwise, just rest at home until they know more.

5) And yes, your President does not want lots of testing in the USA bc it makes him look bad. Hence we have fewer reported cases. That said, bc scientists need the data--if you have cold/flu symptoms and can get tested, do. Even if you don't have the bug, the data helps people like J do the modeling.

6) So. Stop listening to the news, wash your hands, wear a mask only if you are sick and must go out -- and by the way -- do this for every cold and flu and stop killing everyone unnecessarily every year from our "normal" viruses. Better hygiene US will help the globe even when we are not in a pandemic. Let's have our normal cold season be "mask chic" from here on out! (PS cover your nose too if you wear a mask bc droplets from your nose can carry virus just as easily as your mouth. If sick, cover the lot)

7) And if you are bummed and scared--watch all of Randy Rainbow's videos about mocking Trump, because gurl, it's good medicine!

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